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Can't disclose discussions with Shanto, says Tamim

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Publish Date: 23:45 Thursday, April 18, 2024

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Bangladesh and Prime Bank cricketer Tamim Iqbal shared insights on promoting young talent to address rumors about his return to the national team. The veteran provided a glimpse into his perspective on the evolving landscape of cricket in Bangladesh.

The former captain also opened up about his future in domestic and international cricket in an exclusive interview with Cricfrenzy but he refused to disclose his close discussion with current captain Najmul Hossain Shanto. 

The excerpts of the interview are below:

Cricfrenzy: You captained Prime Bank in most of the matches, except a couple of matches. Today we saw Zakir as captain. Is there any particular reason?

Tamim: To be honest, we are far from the championship race. I was just discussing with the coach that if we can promote our young cricketers in terms of captaincy. I am always on the field, now Mushfiqur is also there. We can give all kinds of advice and they also experience something new. They could take on a new challenge. That was the real thought behind not captaining.

Prime Bank has been a great team for me, and I want to retire from domestic cricket through them. I enjoy playing for them and we are focused on helping young people learn new skills. That's why we made this decision. Mushfiqur and I have a lot of experience with captaincy, and we believe Zakir can learn from us. This will prepare him for future opportunities to captain the Bangladesh team or a club franchise.

Cricfrenzy: We have seen Zakir as a batsman before, but today may be the first time seeing him as a captain. How did you see him as the new captain?

Tamim: His journey as a captain has just begun. It is difficult to judge or comment on someone watching just one match. I am trying to help him as much as possible. Mushfiq is also giving his advice. It will improve slowly. It's hard to say at the moment.

Cricfrenzy: After the Abahani match, you were seen chatting with Shanto in the dressing room for a long time. Shanto spoke to the media but did not give any details. You still haven't said anything about it. What was actually discussed between the two of you?

Tamim: To tell you the truth, since Shanto and I had a closed-door discussion. I think I have to show him that respect. I don't think I should say it in public at least. If he ever feels like sharing with the media I welcome him. But I don't think I should say anything about it.

Cricfrenzy: Shanto wants Tamim Iqbal to play for Bangladesh in all three formats. But does Tamim Iqbal think he should return?

Tamim: We will see, when the time comes, you will know. I have nothing new to say about this.

Cricfrenzy: Both Shanto and the board president Nazmul Hasan Papon want to see you in the national team. There are rumors that he wants you in the T20 World Cup too. What are your thoughts?

Tamim: What I told you is nothing new to say. I told BCB what I had to say.

Cricfrenzy: There is much debate and criticism surrounding Mustafizur Rahman's return to the country. Despite his poor performance in the recent Sri Lanka series, he is performing well for Chennai. Any thoughts on this?

Tamim: I think he will do well wherever he plays. I always think he is a great asset for Bangladesh cricket. Wherever he plays be it IPL or playing well for Bangladesh. He will do well.