Shakib al Hasan

Shakib: I enjoy both cricket and politics

CF Correspondent

CF Correspondent
Publish Date: 18:15 Saturday, December 23, 2023

|| CF Correspondent ||

Shakib al Hasan, the cricket sensation of Bangladesh, who has been on the cricketing scene since 2006, recently made a pivotal decision to step into the world of politics.

He decided to venture into the political phase with the Awami League. Shakib, now a candidate for the Magura-1 seat, is relishing this fresh chapter of his life.

The former captain of Bangladesh granted an exclusive interview to Cricfrenzy despite the busy schedule of political processions and meetings.

Cricfrenzy - You made your debut in international cricket in 2006, and debuted in politics a few days ago. How are you feeling?

Shakib- Both are different. Now there is a time difference between the two things. I was 19 or 20 years old when I got my chance in the national team. Naturally the feeling will be a little different. Even if I had come into cricket at this age, the feeling would have been different. So I wouldn't say it's unusual. Now there is an age. I have come to a place of experience. I have seen many things. The emotions work differently in this place. I enjoy everything. I enjoy both.

Cricfrenzy- Honorable Prime Minister has given you Magura's nominations. How would you like to take this opportunity?

Shakib - There is a lot to be done at the moment. There are three important areas. That is our agriculture, medicine, education. There is a lot of work in these areas. The era of IT has come. There's been an awakening of it all over the world I'd say. You can say revolution. IT is everywhere... so if something like that is done... the entire Magura will be under the free Wi-Fi zone nd will actually create an opportunity to earn from home. Creating jobs is challenging. So many jobs can be created in this way.

Cricfrenzy - You became the number one all-rounder for the first time in 2009. Now joined politics, will you be seen as number one here as well?

Shakib - I want to do something good. Actually, I don't know that there is any criteria to be number one in politics. Keeping people happy is also very difficult. Especially in our country, everyone is very emotional... it is very difficult to keep them happy. Small things cause a lot of upset in our country. So this place is very challenging. So I am ready to take that challenge.

Cricfrenzy - You said the Prime Minister was your idol before coming into politics. Which of her bits of advice do you want to use in the development of Magura?

Shakib - All her suggestions are very important. Her experience of running the state for so many years, being a political figure for so many years. He has been involved into politics since her birth...every word she says is very important and meaningful. So every word is very important to me and I try to follow them.

Cricfrenzy- If you win, you can become an MP or a minister. In the future you might be seen as the Prime Minister of the country?

Shakib- No, never actually thought of it that way. Since I have just entered politics, first I have to learn the basics. But so far there are no such thoughts. Now the only thought is how to end the campaign beautifully on the occasion of the 7th election.

Cricfrenzy - You have a good relationship with Nazmul Hasan Papon. He has been an MP for a long time. Your one-time teammate Mashrafe Bin Mortaza is also an MP. Have you talked to them before coming to politics? What advice did they give?

Shakib- Yes, still talking to them regularly. Not just before, it's still happening. They give various good advice. I can see that helping me a lot. To walk this new path.

Cricfrenzy- A few days ago I interviewed your childhood coach Gorki Bhai. He said that you loved to save money since childhood. Still have that addiction?

Shakib- Now I don't like saving anymore. I used to love to save money. I had a clay bank, and kept money there. I don't really like saving money now.

Cricfrenzy - Will definitely spend behind the people?

Shakib- Spending money on people is not important. But people don't want these things that much. We may think that people want money. People want peace, they want to get their basic rights. Education, medical, food, clothing, shelter. There is no problem with housing because there are no homeless people in Bangladesh. I don't see much of a problem with clothing. No such thing in food... although food prices have increased. But I don't see that there is any problem with the food. What is there is education, medical care and security. If these three things can be provided to people then they will be very happy.

Cricfrenzy- You were Magura's Faisal...then became Bangladesh's Shakib Al Hasan. You couldn’t get along with people because of your stardom. Now you have to do the opposite when it comes to politics. How do you see this?

Shakib - I don't really see this in any way. One thing is that when I was on the cricket field... I never had to approach people. I didn't need that. Generally speaking, I didn't socialize well with people. And the thing about politics is that you have to go to the people, gain their trust, work for them...naturally a different place. A completely different place. I think comparing one to the other here is foolish.

Cricfrenzy - Mustafizur Rahman got a chance in Chennai Super Kings this time in IPL. How likely is he to get a chance in the XI?

Shakib- I don't know who is in their team.. What will be the combination? I don't really need to judge. I want him (Mustafiz) to play all the matches and do well.

Cricfrenzy- Three names were named in the auction but BCB withdrew Taskin and Shoriful’s name at the last minute. What do you want to comment on this matter?

Shakib- It is actually BCB's decision. We have many international matches. So BCB decided on that idea. It would not be appropriate for me to comment here.