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Ireland series will be crucial for us: Tamim

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Ireland series will be crucial for us: Tamim
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|| CF Correspondent ||

Bangladesh opener Tamim Iqbal had a long chat with the reporters at Mirpur Sher e Bangla National Stadium. Here are the excerpts...

Qus: How challenging will be the weather in England? 

Ans: Probably we will face a totally different type of weather from ours. One thing we are doing is that, we are doing the hard work here because the hard working parts like running ,batting ,fielding and exercising will be very difficult in that condition. We are doing all the hard works here so I think when we will go there at least it will help our physical fitness. So, I think these are the times where we put the hard work. And everyone is trying on their own, that’s the thing and we also have two-three days practice session left. 

Qus: The matches will be played in early May, what will be the biggest challenge in Ireland?

Ans:  I think the biggest challenge will be the condition. Because Ireland is a country where we didn’t play much. The last time we played in Ireland the wicket was very difficult. So, I think the seven days before the tournament and the practice match is very important. How we start the first match that is also very important. Because there will be another opponent, West indies. They are also in great from now. So, its important to start the tour well, with the practice game then the first game. 

Qus: You didn’t play in Dhaka league for preparing yourself, how is that going?

Ans: I am quite satisfied. I concentrated more on my fitness rather than my batting. I set up a goal and I missed Dhaka league to reach that goal. I think I reached my goal now.

Qus: The Ireland series before the world cup can be both good or bad for us, personally what do you think about this series?

Ans: If you talk about negative, there is only one negative point, that is we will play 13 to 14 matches within one and half months, that is the only negative point. Rather than that I don’t see any negative point here. Because we don’t get much opportunity to play in these conditions. I think the key will be rest people whenever they need them. Because we all know that in world cup we cannot afford to rest. We will have 5 matches in Ireland so it will be very important to rotate the squad to keep everyone fresh.

Qus: Your potential opening partner scored 208 runs yesterday, how much you heard about that and how much it will help him?

Ans: Someone from Bangladesh scored 200 runs for the first time, it’s  a great achievement. Although we will be playing in a different condition and against a different bowling line up but scoring runs are always positive. It gives confidence. Where he scored its not important the main thing is that he scored. If he had scored 5 or 10 runs without scoring two centuries in the last two games, he would have felt pressure then. But now he has scored runs. When you score runs you know how to score them that is very important. When someone goes through off form he forgets how to score runs. So these big two big innings will give him great confidence before going to Ireland. 

Qus: You are opening the innings for a long time now but your partner changes frequently. You don’t have any fixed partner till now. Does this affect you mentally?

Ans: It doesn’t bother me in a particular match but when you have a regular opening partner then you understand each other’s game very well. There are some times when my timing isn’t right, maybe I am hitting but the ball is finding the fielders then he needs to take the extra chance. And the same thing goes for me as well. But somebody is not settled its very difficult to tell them to take the chances. Because they have to go through a process but I am certain that Liton and Soumya got enough chances. I am sure this is the right time to show the world how good they are. 

Qus: You have lots of achievements in England, you played well in the champions league scored a century in Lords. How confident you are about doing something memorable in England? 

Ans: I don’t think for a second that I played well in England. I believe that its not gonna help me if I think about that. It will be very difficult,I know that for sure. It will be more difficult if I want to be successful in the world cup. I must start from the bottom, that’s  why I don’t think about what I did before. I want to keep that in history. I may do good or bad I don’t want to linger in the past. I think about present. And I know one thing if I want to do well in the world cup I have to do a lot of hard work and have to take the right decisions in the field.

Qus: How important is to read your partner while batting?

Ans: It’s very important. For every profession if you work with your colleague for about 20 years then he will know about your likings and disliking’s. The greatest opening partners in the world Hayden- Gilchirst, Sachin-Ganguly, Sehwag-Sachin they all had great understanding. When you see them playing you think that they are having fun in the middle and they know what the other wants. But its our back fortune that we didn’t have that kind of thing yet but I am sure that the two are going to the world cup they are capable enough to serve Bangladesh for 10-15 years. Its high time to show a great performance.

Qus: Is there any particular target in this world cup?

Ans: No, I don't have any target. When I think much about something, I don’t achieve that. I don’t have a century in the world cup I know that but I cant change that. If I go the the world cup with the target of scoring a century or scoring many runs then I will take some unnecessary pressure,I don’t want that. I have other things to worry about. Which is to play the role that the team will give me,if I play my role I will have the chance of playing a big innings.but the most important thing is to give a good start to the team and play my role.

Qus: In world cup we will have to chase big targets,what will be the approach then?

Ans: we are not uses to chasing 340-350 runs usually,but we also know that we will have to chase 280-300-320 runs in most of the games, so,we have to work it out, for this the five matches we will be playing in Ireland is very important. The training sessions and plan execution is also very important.  We have to be mentally prepared that we have to chase big targets, I think we have to bowl really well to keep the opposition under 300. There can be some days in which we will bowl them out in 240-250 runs. But I think 300 is chase able in England. We have to be prepared for that, if you see history we didn’t chase that type of target so often because normally we play in pitches where we don’t score 300 so often. So, I hope the plan we will be given,we have to execute that plan efficiently.

Qus: Fine tuning in net batting? 

Ans: In that condition this can happen with me,I am working on that. Preparation is upon myself. I can do whatever I like, I can work hard, train well, what will happen on the field I don’t know. but in training I am working my level best.


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