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Shakib: Captain ordered me to meet the press

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Publish Date: 23:38 Saturday, February 3, 2024

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Rangpur Riders captain Nurul Hasan Sohan announced at the press conference in the previous day that he will request Shakib Al Hasan to attend the press conference today.

Following the win against Sylhet Strikers by 77 runs on Saturday, Shakib came to speak with the media. With a touch of humor, he mentioned that he came to speak at the press conference not by Sohan's request but by the captain's order "It wasn’t a request, the captain ordered, and that's why I am here."

Despite not scoring runs with the bat, Shakib managed to take 2 wickets with the ball, dismissing Sylhet's two key batters, Samit Patel and Mohammad Mithun, in the match. He fulfilled his quota of 4 overs with 18 runs in the one maiden over.

Shakib is currently facing eye problems, which have affected his batting performance. Due to this, he had to change his head positioning but has not found a solution yet.

In this context, Shakib mentioned, "It's difficult to say. Actually, the more I score, the higher the comfort level will increase. As long as I'm not scoring runs, the rhythm won't come, and the comfort zone won't be there. It's very natural."

When asked if he feels disappointed for not meeting the expectations of batting, Shakib confidently replied, "No." Despite not being able to perform well, Shakib expressed that he cannot complain as everyone goes through tough times.

He concluded with, "I understand that everything goes wrong in tough times."