"Playing Against India in India is a Challenge for Me" - Al-Amin

"Playing Against India in India is a Challenge for Me" - Al-Amin

Published Date: 07 Jan 2016 | Update : 07 Jan 2016
Lazy winter morning and with a note pad and a smart phone was watching the practice of the U-19 team; though today was a off day for the national team but still few cricketers came to the practice field and during the break we got our Rising fast bowler of National team Al-Amin Hossain; with him we both had some good cricket chit-chats about the next tournaments Bangladesh will be facing.   *Well known opponent but different format of cricket; Bangladesh have lost their last T-20 Match against this same opposition, so will there be any further pressure? Al-Amin: To be honest there is no further pressure. T-20 is a kind of game where the team which plays the good cricket will find a way to get the victory. And basically we haven’t played many T-20 matches so this is were we are lagging the experience. But we played very good in the BPL and learned a lot from it so hopefully it will be a good game of cricket   *This will be the longest T-20 series Bangladesh ever played, so what’s your thought on this? Al-Amin: (Laughter) Yes of course it will be the longest series and we never got the chance to play 4 T-20 matches with a team in a series but yes definitely it will be a challenging series for us and each game will be equally important for us. Again if we go by game to game then I’m not seeing any pressure; even it will be a better practice for us.   *Bangladesh had a rough session in 2014 winning only one series and then they made a very good come back in 2015; getting qualified at World Cup Quarter final, Winning series against Pakistan, India and South Africa. So the fans expectation has gone up; what will be the thoughts for 2016? Al-Amin: Well, 2014 was a bad luck for us (laughter). But we lost almost all the matches by small margin; we fought till the last over in each and every single game against Sri Lanka again scoring 320+ runs against Pakistan but then we’ve lost to our fortune and luck. But we’ve learned from our mistakes and worked on those; we also monitored the items where we were lagged behind. And just for that we have made a tremendous result in 2015. Then again we have to work on the small mistakes that we’ve made in 2015 for even a better result in 2016. We will try to play our best this year, and we want to give even better game of cricket to our fans and supporters.

*This year the T-20 world cup will be held in India; India will definitely be wanting to get a revenge for the series lost; so whats your thoughts on T-20 world cup? Al-Amin: (laughter) Well to play the main round of T-20 world cup first we need to play the qualifier matches and for that we need much practice and a good game plan. We will be qualified hopefully and about India, yes they will be wanting to get the revenge but I see this as a challenge and I can assure you there will be a very good fight.   *Next Bangladesh will have Zimbabwe series, Asia Cup and World T-20; so from which angle you will keep Bangladesh ahead from other teams? Al-Amin: I think last 2 years our bowling has developed a lot and we have world class bowler; so it will be our plus point. Further more in the sub-continental wicket our bowlers will do great and this is giving us confidence.   *This time will we be seeing pace attacking side or spin attacking side? Al-Amin: Frankly speaking, its the part of our management committee but I personally think since 2015 Bangladesh has developed a lot in the pace bowling section and we’ve got some good pace bowlers who can take wickets in the crucial moment and give us a breakthrough. The way we are playing right now our team will be much preferably pace attacking side but still it all depends on the game plan and strategy, wicket condition and opponent   *We’ve seen in past and in recent that Bangladeshi bowlers have success in the ODI but how much successful they will be in this T-20 format? Al-Amin: Recently the T-20 matches we played more or less almost all the bowlers maintained a good economy rate; we’ve lost few matches for the small mistake in the batting section but our bowlers did their job perfectly. Also from the BPL we got some very good training and learning as well; hopefully we will work on those lessons more. We still have time in our hands so before the main tournament we can very well polish ourselves.   *If I ask you to chose between Masrafe and Musfiq regarding under whom you feel comfortable to play; whom will you choose? Al-Amin: (Laughter) Well basically I feel comfortable under anyone’s captaincy; because it doesn’t matter who the captain is, when he gave me the ball to bowl in the critical situation my job will be to give my best shot and its the biggest challenge for me. So both are very good captains but I personally believe Masrafe is one kind of captain on the other hand Mushi is another type of captain; but they’re best on their particular business.   *During the World Cup 2015 you suddenly dropped out of the team and then again making a comeback after making yourself even better; who gave you the inspiration and support to do so in that critical situation? Al-Amin: I had a mental breakdown at first but my family, friends, supporters and society; they supported me a lot during this part of my career; and that’s why it was easy for me to handle the breakdown. And after that performing well in the domestic cricket league and also for the ‘A’ team gave me a way to make my comeback to the National team; so far I’m doing good for the team and hopefully this form will continue in the future. all Right Reserve sazzad Photo - Hossain Sazzad *If you were not a cricket what would you like to be? Al-Amin: Didn’t have any particular plan; so would’ve been a cricketer (laughter). It was my childhood dream and I made it come true.   *U-19 World cup is coming up, any suggestion for the youngsters? Al-Amin: To be honest I really hope they will be playing some good cricket all around and of course its in their home ground so obviously I will want them to win. But here team management committee have to play a role for selecting players. And bowlers need to hold on their nerve and have to believe in themselves. I hope we will be the champion.   *Last question which is out of the cricket book, more or less almost all of your team mates are either engaged or married; so do you have any plan to get in to a relationship or marry someone? Al-Amin: (laughter) well, cannot say it right now. I don’t want to make any comments on that (laughter).   Tausif Khan Contributor  

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