BPL’5 will start from 3rd November, Sylhet to host the 1st match

BPL’5 will start from 3rd November, Sylhet to host the 1st match

The 5th edition of the Bangladesh Premier League (BPL) T-20 will be started on 3rd November 2017 in Sylhet with the city hosting BPL matches for the first time.

The Sylhet International Cricket Stadium (SICS) will mark its debut as a BPL venue with the introduction of local franchisee Sylhet Sixers who will take on defending champions Dhaka Dynamites in the opening match of the seven-team competition.

This season’s BPL will be played in three cities – Dhaka, Chittagong and Sylhet. The final will be on 12 December at Dhaka’s Sher-e-Bangla National Cricket Stadium.

Here is the full fixture:

Match No.DateTeamsStarting TimeVenue
1Friday, November 03, 2017Sylhet Sixers VS Dhaka Dynamites2:30 PMSylhet
2Friday, November 03, 2017Rajshahi Kings VS Rangpur Riders7:15 PMSylhet
3Saturday, November 04, 2017Sylhet Sixers VS Comilla Victorians2:00 PMSylhet
4Saturday, November 04, 2017Khulna Titans VS Dhaka Dynamites7:00 PMSylhet
5Monday, November 06, 2017Chittagong Vikings Comilla Victorians2:00 PMSylhet
6Monday, November 06, 2017Sylhet Sixers VS Rajshahi Kings7:00 PMSylhet
7Tuesday, November 07, 2017Rangpur Riders VS Chittagong Vikings2:00 PMSylhet
8Tuesday, November 07, 2017Sylhet Sixers VS Khulna Titans7:00 PMSylhet
9Friday, November 10, 2017Rangpur Riders VS Rajshahi Kings2:30 PMDhaka
10Friday, November 10, 2017Dhaka Dynamites VS Sylhet Sixers7:15 PMDhaka
11Saturday, November 11, 2017Chittagong Vikings VS Khulna Titans2:00 PMDhaka
12Saturday, November 11, 2017Rajshahi Kings VS Comilla Victorians7:00 PMDhaka
13Monday, November 13, 2017Dhaka Dynamites VS Khulna Titans2:00 PMDhaka
14Monday, November 13, 2017Comilla Victorians VS Chittagong Vikings7:00 PMDhaka
15Tuesday, November 14, 2017Khulna Titans VS Sylhet Sixers2:00 PMDhaka
16Tuesday, November 14, 2017Dhaka Dynamites VS Chittagong Vikings7:00 PMDhaka
17Friday, November 17, 2017Rajshahi Kings VS Sylhet Sixers2:30 PMDhaka
18Friday, November 17, 2017Khulna Titans VS Chittagong Vikings7:15 PMDhaka
19Saturday, November 18, 2017Dhaka Dynamites VS Rajshahi Kings2:00 PMDhaka
20Saturday, November 18, 2017Rangpur Riders VS Comilla Victorians7:00 PMDhaka
21Monday, November 20, 2017Dhaka Dynamites VS Comilla Victorians2:00 PMDhaka
22Monday, November 20, 2017Sylhet Sixers VS Rangpur Riders7:00 PMDhaka
23Tuesday, November 21, 2017Rajshahi Kings VS Khulna Titans2:00 PMDhaka
24Tuesday, November 21, 2017Dhaka Dynamites VS Rangpur Riders7:00 PMDhaka
25Friday, November 24, 2017Khulna Titans VS Rangpur Riders2:30 PMChittagong
26Friday, November 24, 2017Chittagong Vikings VS Sylhet Sixers7:15 PMChittagong
27Saturday, November 25, 2017Comilla Victorians VS Rajshahi Kings2:00 PMChittagong
28Saturday, November 25, 2017Chittagong Vikings VS Rangpur Riders7:00 PMChittagong
29Monday, November 27, 2017Chittagong Vikings VS Dhaka Dynamites2:00 PMChittagong
30Monday, November 27, 2017Khulna Titans VS Rajshahi Kings7:00 PMChittagong
31Tuesday, November 28, 2017Rangpur Riders VS Sylhet Sixers2:00 PMChittagong
32Tuesday, November 28, 2017Khulna Titans VS Comilla Victorians7:00 PMChittagong
33Wednesday, November 29, 2017Chittagong Vikings VS Rajshahi Kings2:00 PMChittagong
34Wednesday, November 29, 2017Comilla Victorians VS Dhaka Dynamites7:00 PMChittagong
35Saturday, December 02, 2017Comilla Victorians VS Rangpur Riders2:00 PMDhaka
36Saturday, December 02, 2017Dhaka Dynamites Rajshahi Kings7:00 PMDhaka
37Sunday, December 03, 2017Sylhet Sixers VS Chittagong Vikings2:00 PMDhaka
38Sunday, December 03, 2017Rangpur Riders VS Khulna Titans7:00 PMDhaka
39Tuesday, December 05, 2017Comilla Victorians VS Khulna Titans2:00 PMDhaka
40Tuesday, December 05, 2017Rajshahi Kings VS Chittagong Vikings7:00 PMDhaka
41Wednesday, December 06, 2017Dhaka Dynamites VS Rangpur Riders2:00 PMDhaka
42Wednesday, December 06, 2017Comilla Victorians Sylhet Sixers7:00 PMDhaka
43Friday, December 08, 2017Eliminator (3rd Position VS 4th Position)2:00 PMDhaka
44Friday, December 08, 20171st Qualifier (1st Position VS 2nd Position)7:00 PMDhaka
45Sunday, December 10, 20172nd Qualifier (Looser of 44 VS Winner of 43)7:00 PMDhaka
46Tuesday, December 12, 2017Final (Winners of 44 VS Winner 45)7:00 PMDhaka

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