Handscomb talks about his ‘Sufferings’ during Chittagong Test

Handscomb talks about his ‘Sufferings’ during Chittagong Test

Can you remember the tired face of Peter Handscomb during his gutsy knock of 82 runs in Chittagong that helped Australia salvage a series draw against Bangladesh?

It was really hot in Chittagong and the humidity was high. Moreover, the rain before that day made the weather so unfamiliar for Peter Handscomb that he played with an Ice-bag on his neck.

But the innings was a great one and he supported David Warner magnificently although he couldn’t score a century but it was enough for his team. Recently in an interview to cricket.com.au, Australian middle order batsman has described his situation during that knock.
Handscomb said, “It was just ridiculously hot. Even though the temperatures may have been late 30s, which is something we’re quite used to in Australia, because it had been raining on the days leading up to the game the heat was basically coming from underneath you, coming out of the ground because the water was evaporating.

He added, “I was just getting nailed heat-wise from both the ground and the sky and couldn’t get enough fluids in to make myself feel better, and then if I drunk a little bit too much I started to feel sick.”
Right handed batsman also said, “We fielded first in both games, so already you’re pretty cooked going into your first batting innings. “Just standing out there in that heat, that sun – it takes it out of you.”

Peter Handscomb concluded, “At each break I had to change all my clothes because they were just drenched with sweat. I’m just a natural sweater … it was just taking it out of you and you couldn’t replace the water you were losing.”

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