BCB HP Squad to tour England in September

BCB HP Squad to tour England in September

Bangladesh A team haven’t played any series for almost two years and Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) don’t have any specific A team too. But they are trying to arrange more matches for the High Performance (HP) Squad which will help the players who are not in the national team, to be in regular touch with Cricket.

While talking to the media on Friday, BCB Cricket Operations Committee Chairman, Akram Khan has said that Ireland A team will probably tour Bangladesh in this year. Bangladesh A team last toured South Africa and Zimbabwe in 2015.

Akram Khan said, “We were in advanced talks with Zimbabwe, but they have a commitment with South Africa. That’s why they proposed a delayed date for the tour. But our team also have other commitments in Zimbabwe’s proposed time-table. That’s why we had to cancel talks with Zimbabwe. But now we are negotiating with Ireland A team for a tour. The time has not been confirmed yet but it is likely to happen later this year.”

However, BCB are also bothered with this issue and they want their players who are not in the national team but very much skillful, to play competitive cricket regularly.

As a result, they are emphasizing more on the High Performance (HP) squad. One team from HP unit recently toured Australia and now they will tour England in this September.

Akram Khan lastly informed about this tour and said, “Actually the players playing in HP teams are the A team players mostly. We are jointly running this. HP team toured Australia last month and will go to England next month to play against county second XIs.”

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