India vs Pakistan: Change in the Mentality of Bangladeshi People

India vs Pakistan: Change in the Mentality of Bangladeshi People

I was walking in the street and suddenly I had to stop as a serious conversation in a tea stall attracted my mind and I became so conscious that I waited there to listen to that.

The owner of that tea stall was having an argument with one of his customers. The customer named Sujon said, “Today is the final match between India and Pakistan. You should close everything and go home to watch that interesting match.”

The owner of the tea stall who is known as Manik Bhai said, “No brother. I have no such interest in that as Bangladesh haven’t been able to reach to the final and so there is no reason to shut my shop for the match of other countries. I love cricket and I’ll definitely watch that match but after the usual closing time of my shop. If Bangladesh could reach the final, then I wouldn’t open my shop”

This statement of Manik made Sujon so angry and he argued, “Look their rivalry is always enjoyable. If you love cricket then you should stop all the works and watch that match. Why are you so obsessed with Bangladesh Cricket team? They are not going to feed you. It’s their job to play and your job is to work hard for living.”

After hearing this statement, Manik became emotional and he answered, Our boys are playing for our country and they are making us proud. If your children do well in exams then you become happy and so do I. They are like our children as they are making our motherland known to everyone. There was a time when we used to become so excited to watch the match between India and Pakistan.”

He added, “The situation has changed now. Our team is doing very well and all my concentration is only for them. I am cricket lover and so I’ll regularly take the updates of that match but there is no reason to so excited. They are not playing for us.”

This statement was enough to stop Sujon for prolonging the conversation and I was amazed to observe such mentality from an owner of a tea stall. The days are really changed now.

It was not long ago, when Bangladeshi people used to fight in the streets for the India-Pakistan game. Bangladesh was not so powerful cricketing nation at that time and all the people used to wait for that epic rivalry.

Along with the time, the situation is completely changed now. Now a days, people know that supporting Pakistan or India may be dangerous for keeping their values intact to others.

Their team is progressing and they don’t have any need to see interesting games from others as Bangladesh Cricket team now have many talents who are really interesting.

They now think of India and Pakistan as their main rivals. They are still interested for this epic rivalry but their Tigers are ahead of everything to them.

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