BCB need to Step up to save the Future of Bangladesh Cricket

BCB need to Step up to save the Future of Bangladesh Cricket

Recently, the Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) have suspended two bowlers from the domestic cricket for ten years, who were involved in doing illegal activities on the field as they conceded too much runs with the ball to protest against biased umpiring, which never happened in cricket before.

After investigation, the BCB banned two second division clubs for the entire life where as the two guilty cricketers have been banned for ten years. Along with them the managers, captains and coaches of both the teams are also banned for five years.

The story began from the match between Lalmatia and Axiom. In that match, Lalmatia pacer, Sujan Mahmud surprisingly conceded 92 runs from 4 balls. Then in another match, Fear Fighters bowler Tasneem Hasan conceded 69 runs in 1.1 overs.

When the news had gone viral in international media, the BCB quickly made an investigation committee to investigate everything. After completing the investigation, the board announced 10-year suspension for both the bowlers.

The incidents were mainly happened as a protest against the biased umpiring. By the source of a national news paper, the first incident came in limelight.

The umpires, Shamsur Rahman and Azizul Bari Babu showed their biased umpiring by giving decisions against Lalmatia club on a regular basis. For their shameful act, Lalmatia had to see their 6 batsmen in the pavilion while team’s score was only 26.

Just after a few days, a same incident happened against Fear Fighters Cricket Club where the same umpires directed the match. Although the BCB had suspended the umpires too, but that was not surely enough as it is only for 6 months.

In Bangladesh, Players have to work hard to play in the second division cricket and after playing good cricket for 4-5 years they get chance of playing in the second division.

Most of the cricketers don’t get help from their family. But after 4-5 years of hard work, if they become victim of biased umpiring, nothing could be worse than that. Also it is hard to control which had happened to Tasnim and Sujan.

It is true that the way they had protested, was not a perfect way. It was completely wrong. But that doesn’t mean, they have to be punished for ten years. Also it is not acceptable to see the umpires who were the main culprit got only 6 months suspension.

The BCB told after announcing the suspension that Tasnim and Sujan did that to make a bad impact in the country’s domestic cricket. But they did not tell why a cricketer after struggling for 4 or 5 years, would do that even when their profession is also the cricket.

Happening such things in Bangladesh’s domestic cricket, was not the first time as the kind of thing happened in last year too, though that was in the DPL.

However the matter of relief is, such things are not happening in this year’s DPL. The umpires who directed the matches last year, are umpiring in this season too, but not being biased. The BCB has taken some steps to stop such things as they set cameras in the ground which helping a lot.

At the end one thing has to be said, BCB can do anything if they wish even can stop biased umpiring in the second division league. For that reason wish and taking steps are necessary.

They can take the steps for second division that they had taken for DPL. The Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) need to be aware about everything to save the country’s cricket.

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