Mehedi Hasan Miraz: Brave, Confident and Hardworker

Mehedi Hasan Miraz: Brave, Confident and Hardworker

Mehedi Hasan Miraz has played 10-11 matches so far in international cricket and so we haven’t watched a lot from him yet. It’s tough to comment on any player so early and predicting his future is tougher.

But any player who has a great future ahead, always gives hint from early of his career and I have already seen something like that in Miraz.

Miraz is definitely a talented player. Otherwise, performing so well in this age won’t be possible for him. But, spinners have to face difficulty in every match and they need to find variety in their bowling regularly.

We can call a spinner successful if he can survive for a long period in top level. Miraz has to go through the same process too. If he can keep performing like this for a longer period, then we can judge his quality.

Now-a-days, international cricket teams always do research on the players from opponent teams and so cricketers need to try different things. Look at the pace bowler.

They bowl slow deliveries and those can be of different types. Spinners need to try different things more than them. That’s why, our spinners need help and they should take suggestion from experienced people. If we have more legends like Courtney Walsh in our team, then it would be easier for our bowlers.

According to my knowledge, Miraz is a much confident human being and that’s the main quality of him. In this current era, all the rules and regulations are in favor of the batsman. So, without confidence bowlers won’t be able to survive.

Miraz has that much confidence and I am happy for that. It will help him to prolong his career. During the India series, he went to Ashwin for having a chat and this is a good sign.

Bowlers like Mohammad Rafique, Dulu always did that. They always asked foreign players to have a talk and they took suggestions from them. Those conversations helped them.

Miraz has done the same as he has that confidence to talk to a fantastic bowler. This habit will help him in his personal life too.

I love the bowling action of Miraz. His action is so smooth that he has a less chance of getting injured easily and he is fit too. These things will help him to prolong his career too. But, I thinks Miraz’s height is a problem. He will be able to have turn with this height but he could get more bounce if he were taller.

However, Miraz needs to watch more games too. He has to observe the bowling of legendary off-spinners like, Muralitharan or Prasanna. Current players don’t have the habit of watching games. They are busy and so it becomes tough for them. But, they can use their mobile phones to watch the games.

Another thing important for Miraz is practice. He has to be busy in practice for longer periods. Sometimes, spinners do something silly unintentionally which creates trouble for them and they have to be capable of finding that problem.

They have to be more patient while bowling in nets. If they pass a long time in practice then it will become easy for them.

On the other hand, Miraz has a benefit which is his batting. If he can become stronger in batting then Miraz can be a fantastic all-rounder in international arena. He has been playing as a specialist off-spinner but there is no harm to bat well.

I am saying again, Miraz’s main qualities are his confidence and bravery. Moreover, he knows the magic to spin the ball. It may be so early to say but I know he will go so far with his mental strength.

Writer: Naimur Rahman Durjoy (Director of Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB), Former Captain of Bangladesh Cricket Team and MP)

Translated from: Prothom Alo

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