Legends of Cricket and their History of getting Banned

Legends of Cricket and their History of getting Banned

West Indian hard hitter all-rounder Andre Russell has been recently banned for one year from international cricket for a ‘whereabouts clause’ violation by an independent anti-doping panel in Kingston. The ban is effective from January 31, 2017 and it will be last until January 30, 2018.

A three-member tribunal involving Dr Marjorie Vassell, Hugh Faulkner and Dixeth Palmer found Russell guilty of being sloppy in filing his whereabouts on three separate occasions within a 12-month period in 2015 which is under the World Anti-Doping Agency rules – amounted to a failed dope test.

Russell’s lawyer Patrick Foster, who confirmed the opinion and said that he, will discuss all options with his client including appealing the ban.
However, this is not the first time in cricket, it happened several times before this event.

He is not the first one who has been banned for this kind of activity as there are so many players in the history of cricket who had faced ban due to same kind of activity.

Pakistani seamer Mohammad Asif got banned 3 times by the ‘drug’ issue. In 2006, along with Shoaib Akhtar, he was banned from the squad of champions trophy for a short time due to having performance increasing drugs. However, later they managed to prove them innocent. In 2008, Asif was caught by police in Dubai Airport with illegal drinks. Then he managed to be free after passing 19 days in the prison. One month later, he was banned once again for one year due to having ‘Steroid’ during IPL.

Australian legendary leg spinner, Shane Warne got banned for one year due to having the drugs called ‘Moduretic’ just before the world cup 2003 in South Africa. However, Warne showed an interesting reason that the drug was given by his mother to him because if he would take them he would have been so smart in front of camera! However, Warne was seen ‘invisible’ from one day cricket after that one year of banned.

Another leg-spinner, Pakistani  Yasir Shah got banned for 3 months due to having performance increasing drugs. He missed PSL, Asia cup and T-20 world cup for that though he said that he was having those drugs without knowing the side effects.

Sri Lankan opener, Upul Tharanga also got banned for 3 months due to having performance increasing drugs on world cup 2011 final. First he said that was innocent but later, he said that he took those drugs to release from his shoulder pain.

Former English wicket keeper, Keith Piper got banned for one month due to having weed. After eight years, he did the same thing again and got banned for the whole season. After that event he was seen invisible from county cricket.

On the other hand, Pakistani pace king, Shoaib Akhtar got banned from International Cricket in 2006 for two years due to having ‘Steroid’ drugs though he claimed that he took that drug as a protein. Later he was release from objection by local investigation.

Laslty, let’s hear about legendary English all-rounder, Ian Botham who was banned for 63 days from international cricket due to having weed while he said it to a local newspaper. However, his comeback was like a king. He took highest wicket for England in test cricket after returning from banned. However, Ian Botham is quite satisfied by having weed. He used to say that he gave better performance to his country because of weed.

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