Added responsibility has always worked for me, in a sense that you have no room to be complacent, you have no room to relax at any stage in the game. And that’s why even when I captain in the IPL (Indian Premier League), it’s very easy for me to throw my wicket away after 60-70. But the fact that I push after that is because I understand that as the captain of the team I need to set an example and I need to firstly make that kind of effort before asking the teammates to do it, and that’s something that I have always believed in.

Responsibility is something that I really like, it makes be a better player, it makes me a better person, it makes me understand the game much more and it makes me much more focussed on the game. Understanding the minute details of the game, which win you a game or lose you a game. I think it works beautifully for me, as I said ODI cricket and T20 cricket is something that I have had a really good understanding of in the past few years. So now I’ll be able to execute my plans with lot more conviction starting off, compared to when I started off in Test cricket.

Virat Kohli

On leading India in 2019 World Cup
Just hearing about the World Cup gives me goosebumps, I have played one (two), I have played a couple of T20 World Cups, but to play a World Cup as captain of India would be the biggest achievement of my life. The thing that needs to be understood and addressed here is that it is a gradual process. The good thing is that everyone is young, everyone is excited to grow as cricketers, which is the most exciting place that a captain can be in, with of course the guidance and inputs of MS himself. I think it’s a wonderful phase for Indian cricket where the youngsters coming in really have an opportunity to seal their spots for that big occasion. We have a Champions Trophy coming up as well and everyone is really excited and raring to go for it. That’s what I know.


Everyone is fighting for places in the ODI squad, we are still figuring out what are the best combinations that we have. So the main goal is to identify players who can play in different positions, and who can work around the batsmen who are featuring in the ODI set-up for a long time. At the same time, giving them ample time to prepare for those big events and not rush them into any sort of plans that they can’t execute. Keeping things simple, giving players space and time to grow, but at the same time, understanding who is suited for a particular position or a particular job in the team is the most important thing.


Groom players for bigger occasions but not at the cost of winning
Our basic goal is to win every game that we play. That’s why you play this game. Not taking this process for granted saying that it doesn’t matter if we win or lose games, we just need to find the right combinations. I don’t think that will create confidence; what will create confidence is we find a group of players that we are going to keep in the squad, you keep switching among those players but at the same time the main motive is to win games. When you are put under pressure then that situation is too overwhelming for a lot of people, you don’t know your way out but if you are encountering those situations every now and then and you understand how to win games from different situations, it makes up a mindset for big tournaments, for big games, for big oppositions, and that’s what you start craving for. Then you look forward to big tournaments saying ‘I want to make that impact on this particular tournament where I can seal the game for the team or I can totally dominate the tournament and make it a memorable one for me’.

Courtesy: Wisden India.