The Story behind the Manufacturing of Pink Balls

The Story behind the Manufacturing of Pink Balls

One of the most important and integral instrument of the game of cricket is the ball. The ODI and T20 format is played with the white ball, the Test format is played with the red ball. But none of these are eligible for day-night Test matches.

The white ball gets old too quick and lacks longevity. So, even though it can be seen well in the night when the lights come on, it cannot be used.

The red ball on the other hand lasts much longer than the white ball. But it cannot be seen properly under the lights.

So, an alternative option was required. The pink ball was that alternative option. When the pink ball was tested and the tests were successful, day-night Tests finally became a reality.

The Adelaide Test between Australia and South Africa was also a day-night contest. The pink ball and all other cricket balls are made in another Australian city, Melbourne.

Kookabura manufactures these balls. 3000 cricket and hockey balls are produced everyday in their factory.  The core of the cricket ball always remains the same. But there is a bewildering variety of color of the balls.

Kookabura has worked to improve the pink ball for some time.One of the problems with the pink ball was that the players couldn’t see the seam properly because of the color contrast. So, Kookabura is now making black seam on the pink ball.

The feedback of the players has been positive about the black seam. They can see it more properly than before. There is also a slight difference in color in the new balls.

Noel Miller, the Chemical Engineer of Kookabura has explained how the materials of the balls are tested. Rigorous chemical testing of the materials they use to make the balls takes place.

The leather goes through various testing phases such as: determining the amount of fat in the leather to ensure if the leather is eligible to be made into a ball. Each and every batch is tested to ensure that the quality is maintained.

So, the manufacturing of cricket balls is a great orchestra of organized work by Kookabura.

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