Vedio: Another Mashrafe found in Chuadanga!

Vedio: Another Mashrafe found in Chuadanga!

Tiger captain Mashrafe bin mortaza one of the country’s best cricketing hero and has been for a long period of time. On the other hand tiger quick Taskin ahmed is slowly emerging as a face of tiger’s bowling attack.

Many young Bangladeshi kid wants to bowl fast like the Mashrafe and young gun like Taskin is the latest example of it.Guys like Rubel hossain, Al amin hossain, Shafiul islam and many more in the pipeline change the face of Bangladesh cricket over the last little while.
Moreover, Bangladeshi pace attack is one of the best in the world right now and Mashrafe should be given huge credit for that too.

And there is no surprise as Mashrafe is the one who created the era of fast bowlers in Bangladesh cricket. He is not as fast as he was before but thousands of Bangladeshi started to give a shot in fast bowling just because of him.Even now, People start their career by keeping Mashrafe’s image in their mind. Let’s hear such a story of a boy whose name is Azizul Hakim Ashik. Ashik lives in Chuadanga and play for the Chuadanga Zilla cricket team.

Ashik is the eldest son of his family and his father died few years ago. Huge family pressure and unavoidable money problem continuously create problem for him in playing. But he is the mad fan of captain fantastic and thus he doesn’t fear at all.You will be surprised if you see his Bowling. The run up, the starting and the delivery, everything is completely same like Mashrafe. Ashik wants to give the supporters the flavor of Mashrafe’s bowling after his retirement with his bowling and he is working for that.

This crazy fan was interviewed by ‘Prothom Alo’ on Saturday and there Ashik has talked about his dreams.About following Mashrafe, Ashik said, Bhai (Mash) is my inspiration. I follow everything he does. I like the whole life style of Bhai.

Ashik has a huge dream of meeting Mashrafe but that is not so easy for a boy like him. He said, “I won’t stop following him. Even I try to bat like him too. I don’t want to see people missing Bhai after his retirement and thus I am trying hard.”About meeting captain fantastic, his crazy fan said, “I haven’t seen him personally yet but I have the number of his mother. I talk to her regularly. She likes me a lot and She will help me to meet my Bhai.”

Ashik was disturbed when Mashrafe fell in a game against Mashrafe. Mainly, It’s a common scene in Bangladesh. Whenever, Mashrafe gets injured or Mashrafe falls to ground, every Bangladeshi starts to pray for their captain fantastic.There are many fans like him in Bangladesh who blindly follows their captain and want to be like him. Hopefully, Ashik will be successful like his ‘Bhai’ in near future.

Watch Ashik bowl like Mashrafe…

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