‘I wouldn’t be here without Jimmy’

‘I wouldn’t be here without Jimmy’

After the retirement of Caddick, Gough, Harmison and Jones Engand always struggled for the proper pace bowlers in their test squad. Then they got the pace duo Stuart Broad and James Anderson who have already helped England in clinching many serieses.

One of them, The swinging hero, Stuart Broad is currently in India for the 5 test matches series while James Anderson will probably join him before the 2nd test as he is fighting ard for a comeback from injury.

Meanwhile, The big news is that Stuart Broad is all set to play his 100th Test match when England will face India in the first test match which will be started from 9th November.

Broad, who is currently at 30,  made his Test debut against Sri Lanka in 2007. Broad is thankful for the selectors in that time as he thinks they are more passionate than the earlier ones.

Broad made the worst debut ever against Sri Lanka in Colombo. He concieded 95 runs and took only one wicket. But he was confident of his worth and now he has already taken 360 test wickets with an average of 28.84.

Broad said to BBC sports, “I feel very fortunate I’ve played in an era where selectors have looked after players, they almost pick characters and techniques that they feel will succeed at international cricket.”

He added, “There’s no doubt if I was a bowler in the 70s or 80s there’s a huge chance I’d have played two or three Test matches.”

Broad explained the situation he faced in the earlier stage of the career. He was totally confused and tried hard to cope up quickly.

Swinging Pacer added, “My first 15 to 20 Tests I was almost fourth seamer with Freddie Flintoff in the side, thrown the ball when nothing was happening – trying to make something happen.”

England’s majestic bowler added, “When you become more experienced in the team you get given the responsibility to bowl at the better times, bowl with the new ball, and that makes a big difference.”

Broad praised the role of England’s leading Test wicket-taker James Anderson for his rise and he thinks with out Jimmy his career wouldn’t be so nice.

Stuart Broad said, “There is no way I would be sat here without Jimmy Anderson, because every bowler needs a partner that you feed off.”

The Pacer also said, “The amount I have learned from him. The amount of spells I’ve taken wickets that I’ve owed to him, where he has created pressure at the other end.”

He added, “There is no doubt the partnership has gone from strength to strength in the past five years and he has become a friend for life as well.”

Broad lastly said, “I owe a huge amount to Jimmy and hopefully I have got a few more years learning off him. We have always talked and tried to learn off each other, but we have never had that competiveness against each other.”

Hopefully, England will be victorious in Broad’s 100th test though the job is not that easy oin the soil of India.

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