‘McGrath was the toughest lad to control’

‘McGrath was the toughest lad to control’

The great Australian bowler, Glenn McGrath’s bowling was so tough that Batsmen always used to find difficulties with that and recently in an interview, legendary skipper Ricky Ponting said that he had been a tough lad to control too.

Ponting was a fantastic skipper for Australian Cricket team. Australia won two consecutive World Cups under his captaincy and the teams during his time were always threatening.

Ricky Ponting also led the Australian cricket team to a 5-0 whitewash over England in the 2006/07 Ashes.

While speaking on BT Sports during the first Test between Australia and South Africa in Perth, Ponting revealed that McGrath was the most difficult player to lead in the Australian cricket team.

Ponting said, “Everyone will sit back and think that he’s the easiest, that you give him the ball, he comes on and he’d do a job for you. At some stage you had to try and get the ball off him as well.”

Legendary captain then said, “I would tell him ‘that’s enough mate, have a rest’ and for the next 10 or 15 minutes he’d be walking around with his sleeve over his mouth calling me every name under the sun.’

Ponting lastly said, “He’d stand down at fine leg and he’d be abusing the entire crowd just because he wasn’t bowling.”

Glenn McGrath was a phenomenal part of three consecutive World Cup victories of Australia. During Ponting’s captaincy tenure, McGrath had always been the main man of the attack.

McGrath had no such pace like Donald or Shoaib or Lee but he had the sense of bowling in a accurate line and length continuously.

His gentle pace bowling with poisonous line and length has always created problems for the batsmen. McGrath retired from International cricket after Australia’s victory over Sri Lanka in the 2007 world cup.


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