‘We can perform well in any part of the world’

‘We can perform well in any part of the world’

After a historic win against England in the 2nd test in Mirpur, whole cricket world started to praise Bangladesh cricket team.

Shakib Al Hasan was one of the main performers in that test match for Bangladesh and this is a common thing in their Cricket.

In a recent interview to Prothom Alo, Shakib Al Hasan has talked about the test win, recent performances and his contribution over the years.

Playing a test series after 15 months couldn’t really create any trouble for Bangladesh side. They have been phenomenal in that series. Shakib Al Hasan was not that much confident for the series but he had beliefs.

Shakib said, “I was not expecting that much, I even don’t think too much. We made few plans and we tried to stick to those. We were not successful in Chittagong but in Dhaka that’s the difference.”

In this series for the first we saw Bangladesh taking the home advantages. They made a pitch which supported their spinners and spinners did brilliant jobs in that.

The best all-rounder in the world said, “To be honest we got the help from the wickets though we wouldn’t be successful if bowlers didn’t bowl well.”

Shakib added, “We noticed the support in the wickets and our bowlers bowled brilliantly. Even our batsmen did a marvelous job too.”

Recently legendary all-rounder blamed Bangladesh for making these kinds of wickets and he challenged Bangladesh to show same kind of performances in away matches.

About that Shakib said, “Botham said what he thought, I really don’t care about that. In modern cricket there are not many teams who are doing well in away series.”

We don’t have to look far behind to see what Shakib has done for Bangladesh cricket.

There was a time when win or loss of Bangladesh was entirely dependent on Shakib’s performances. But recently the scenario has changed.

Bangladesh now have players like Mustafizur Rahman, Mehedi Hasan Miraj, Taskin Ahmed or Sabbir Rahman.

Each of them can change any game from anywhere single handedly and so that might have decreased the pressure from him.

Vice captain of limited over’s game for Bangladesh has said, “look we are a team and every one of us play to win only.

Some will take the wicket, some will score runs but at the end it’s a team game.”

Hasan added, “We think differently about those things. Everyone knows their roles in the game and they try to follow those. Some players get the success, some cant and that’s the nature of this game.”

Some players of current Bangladesh team have been emerged as a match winner and that’s surely a good thing for the team. But Shakib is not happy with the term ‘Match Winner’.

Shakib said, “I don’t think any player can single handedly change a match. Someone can play really good but that doesn’t mean that he has taken all the wickets or he has scored 300 runs. Players who score 10 runs or take one catch should be praised in a same way we praise a centurion or a 5 wickets taker.”

Recently, there are lots of changes seen in the attitude of current Bangladesh cricket team. Shakib has also talked about that.

The best all rounder said, “The attitude u saw has been growing since we started to win the matches. The attitude is because of winning or performing good. If u won’t win matches or perform good then the attitude will be hard to find.”

Shakib Al Hasan smiled when he asked about his salute to Stokes. The salute has become so famous that whole world is talking about that.

Shakib said, “I don’t know actullay why this has become so famous (Smile). I always do that when I am at home.”

Shakib Al Hasan is happy with his performances in the test series but his out in the 2nd test has been a talk of the town. But Shakib is not really concerned about that.

The best allrounder in the world said, “I would be happier if I could score more runs but I am happy with bowling. The out in the 2nd match is not that important to me as I’ll be sad even if I get out after scoring a hundred.”

Al Hasan added, “I have played that shot many times in my career. So I am not bothered actually. It was just an unintentional mistake.”

Shakib Al Hasan also praised about two openers, Tamim and Imrul. Tamim Iqbal and Imrul Kayes were tremendous throughout the series.

Limited over’s vice captain said, “Both the openers showed us the way to bat in this kind of pitches. They helped us to believe that we can be successful in making runs at this pitch.”

Bangladesh has a long schedule in their hand. They have a tour in New Zealand which will start from December and the condition is totally different.

Shakib said, “It will be a tough task but we have some good memory there. Hopefully we can be successful there.”

Shakib Al Hasan is like a gem to Bangladeshi people by which they can get anything.

Undoubtedly he is the best all rounder of the world right now and we hope his golden time will continue till his retirement.

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