Mashrafe Keeping Faith on Mushfiq

Mashrafe Keeping Faith on Mushfiq

 Mushfiqur Rahim is known as Mr. Dependable in Bangladesh cricket, but the star cricketer struggling a hard time finding himself.

Mushfiq’s favorite shot is playing the slog-sweep, but doing so he got out on many occasions. Even in the last match he was clean bowled while attempting for slog-sweep. Playing several matches Mushfiq wasn’t dong the right judgement towards his name.

After the T20 world cup he made himself aloof from the media, that one defeat against India changed him from the inside. But, it might also be giving him some tough time to get back into his original form in the international arena.

Though, Bangladesh skipper keeping his faith on Mushi. On Tuesday Mashrafe said, “Mushfiq knows what to do, he is a matured cricketer, he knows when to go for shots and when to play defensive. He’s favorite shot is playing the slog-sweep and he scored many runs from that. If he stops playing that, he will just block a way to score quick runs.”

“I have complete faith on Mushfiq; he has previously worked with his batting and at the end he got himself back. So, there’s no need to worry about him. He knows what’s best for him.

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