Shakib’s post match press conference interview|Watch the video

Shakib’s post match press conference interview|Watch the video

On Sunday, Bangladesh beat Afghanistan by 7 runs; but ace all-rounder who also became the man of the match stated the Afghanistan should have won the match. 

In the post-match press conference Shakib Al Hassan further stated that Bangladesh haven’t played their best; this win was not a satisfactory one. He thinks Afghanistan outplayed Bangladesh. “In my opinion, the situation was totally in favor of them, they just lack of experience,” Shakib said.

“We had this one advantage, we had the experience and we won the match. We kept our head clean and calm. We knew we were building pressure putting dots in every over. So they would try to release the pressure,” he added.

Shakib also told why their performance wasn’t satisfactory. “First match is always tough and when you get down on the field after 10-11 months of break you need some time to settle down,” he said.

Watch Shakib Al Hasan’s post match press conference interview-

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