Sabbir Rahman out of central contract

Sabbir Rahman is a supreme talent, but he deserved his ban

Sabbir Rahman is a supreme talent, but he deserved his ban

A child is supposed to be mischievous, completely wrapped in a bubble of flaws and misdemeanours. However, even in that bubble, there is still a limit. If exceeded, the bubble bursts. The child is no longer seen in that regard.

No, he’s not a child anymore—he is an offender.

For the first time, we tend to neglect it. Children, they are after all, aren’t they? The second time, there is some verbal toughness involved. The third time, however, the rod of chastisement becomes a necessity.

Sabbir Rahman is, of course, the child in question. The only problem here is that he is not a child at all.

In the early stages of his career, he could have been labelled as a toddler—and the Bangladesh Cricket Board actually gave him the privileges that a young star should get. A lot of time and money was invested in him, some of his offences were also overlooked.

During last year’s Bangladesh Premier League, Sabbir was fined 13 lacs by the BCB, who never revealed the real cause for their decision, perhaps such was the level of indecency that the board were ashamed to reveal it. There were rumours that Sabbir invoked the wrath of the board by entertaining female guests in his hotel room while the tournament was still being played.

Sabbir, however, later denied those allegations by posting a video on Facebook.

Nevertheless, whatever be the cause, that’s not the point. The real issue here is that he did something that goes against the code of conduct of Bangladesh cricket. Still, 13 lacs is not much for an international player, so it was relatively just a warning for him.

However, he once again broke the rules—and, even worse, showed no repentance for it.

He burst the bubble.

During a National Cricket League game against Rajshahi, Sabbir Rahman physically assaulted a young fan, who wasn’t even an adult, for apparently verbally abusing the player. The audacity of Rahman could be deciphered from the fact that he actually asked for a break from the umpires and went out of the playing field to hit the fan.

The incident took place somewhere near the side-screen. It wasn’t a heat-of-the-moment sort of thing. No, it was much worse. It was a well-orchestrated plan to hurt someone, almost like an underworld criminal seeking vengeance.

Had Sabbir stopped there, his punishment might have not been so severe. However, he decided to make matters worse by threatening the match referee against reporting the incident. He also misbehaved with the umpires in that very game.

It was as though he was on a streak to be rampant and exercise the pseudo sense of power that he believes he possesses.

Instead, however, he burst the bubble inside which he was living. As a result, he has crashed right on the ground, face first.

The saddest part about this is not Sabbir losing 20 lacs or the money that he would have earned had he not been sacked from the central contract. No, it’s far beyond and far worse than just that.

When Sabbir bats, regardless of how many runs he scores, he oozes a sense of elegance that we perhaps don’t see in any other Bangladeshi player. The sheer technique and panache surrounding his game makes him an invaluable asset to the team.

In short, he is a supreme talent—an uncut diamond—who could lead the Bangladesh cricket team in the future years.

This incident, however, shrouds all those hopes with a nebulous fog—and I, for one, really can’t see through it at this point. He has all the talent in the world, which can make us hope that he will come back to play in the national colours of Bangladesh.

However, we might always move on from the past, but the past never really moves on from us—it always finds a way to creep into our lives.

Somewhere down the line, Sabbir might score a century to win Bangladesh a crucial game. However, right after that, he could be taunted for these offences that he has done. Even if he goes on to enjoy the best time of his life, he will always be reminded about these incidents by someone or something—and how he reacts to them will define his career and, perhaps, his life.

For now, we can only keep faith that Sabbir will learn from this and will metamorphose himself into a better person that knows how to keep his calm and behaves that a star of his calibre should.

We can only hope and pray—because he is not just any random player, he is a tremendous talent, he is Sabbir Rahman.  


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