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Chandika Hathurusingha: A lesson in hypocrisy and politics

Chandika Hathurusingha: A lesson in hypocrisy and politics

God Save the Queen. When the British ruled over India, they played a lot of tricks to ensure total control over the colony. But like every act of oppression, this one also resulted in a revolt and subsequent freedom. However, before the British left, they made sure to disrupt the structure of the country to destabilize it from the crux.

Divide and rule; cause enough tension within a socio-system and chaos ensues – and that is precisely what Chandika Hathurusingha has tried to do with the Bangladesh cricket team.

The coach decided to quit his job as the coach of Bangladesh after the South Africa series – and he did that without even a notice. The Sri Lankan was asked to file a report on the series, but failed to do so even after repeated insistence.

There repeated calls, constant approaches… but the Sri Lankan paid no heed – he just didn’t want to have anything to do with the Bangladesh team anymore. But there was one problem.

Nobody does anything without motivation. Nothing. Indeed, if one didn’t have any sort of motivation, she/he won’t even get out of their beds in the morning. For the Bangladesh Cricket Board, getting the current Sri Lanka coach inspired was the key and so they used the motivation technique that always works: money.

We do our every day jobs with only goal in mind: to earn a living. While there is no doubt that Hathurusingha earned a lot, nobody likes it when their due payment isn’t given to them. So when Bangladesh Cricket Board subtly implied that his dues won’t be cleared until there is a meet, he rushed to the land of wet green to finally sit with the Bangladesh Cricket Board.

And this is where he played the cheap trick of throwing the mud at someone else.

The South Africa series was a nightmarish experience for the Tigers, but Hathurusingha gave the impression that it was completely the players’ fault for their spineless show. He played the age-old trick of pointing fingers at everyone else but himself.

The thinly veiled drapery, however, isn’t a nebulous tapestry – many can see through it, to the misfortune of the Sri Lankan.

Shakib al-Hasan’s absence from the South Africa Test series was pointed towards. The players’ attitude was also questioned. Everybody under the Sun was blamed, but he exempted himself from the criticism.  

Where was he when the board were continuously calling him for a meet? Why didn’t he answer their calls? Why did he only come after the due payment was questioned? Why did he never watch a Premier League game before selecting players?

There are so many whys, but no Hathurusingha to answer them. Perhaps the answer was always around us, we just chose to ignore. Within the mist of vibrant success intertwined with colours of victory, we perhaps fail to see that the Sri Lankan never cared for Bangladesh.

It is not that he wasn't a decent coach. In fact, he was one of the finest and will go down as the most successful coach in Bangladesh' cricketing history thus far. His team whitewashed the Pakistan team, beat India and superpower South Africa at home - which is enough testament to make a case for him. 

However, what he made for as a coach, he lacked as a person within the dressing room. 

The constant frictions with the senior players, the repeated efforts to axe Mushfiqur Rahim from the team, the subtle part that he played in Mashrafe’s decision to retire from T20 – all of it just further points to the aforementioned claim.

Even when his money was under threat, he tried his best to resolve the issue using the Sri Lanka board as shield. But after realizing that it won’t work, he flew to the country and meted with the BCB officials.

And then he spewed venom like a snake bites the very owner that fed him milk. He tried to throw the very players that made his tenure at Bangladesh successful under the bus – but it didn’t work.

And it won’t work – simply because the people of Bangladesh are not fools.

He might have a very low opinion of us, but the fact is that not a single Bangladeshi will side with him and not their own players. The players might have their own issues and problems, but anyone with a bit of reasoning power can understand the ploy of the Sri Lankan.

And it runs parallel with that of the British of that era – trying to leave the Bangladesh team in turmoil with his departure because at least that way, his home nation, Sri Lanka, can have a chance at defeating the Tigers. 

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