Mashrafe - A true inspiration

Mashrafe - A true inspiration

Pranta Deb Emon
Published Date: 08 Nov 2015 | Update : 08 Nov 2015
Masrafe Mortaza the current ODI captain for Bangladesh has dealt with numbers of injury throughout his career but he didn’t stop. In an interview before the world cup 2015, Masrafe said he takes inspiration from the freedom fighters who fought for the nation, not giving up despite of having the fear of life; this one statement actually proves a lot that he is the man of courage and confidence. One cannot stop this man from running between the both ends of the stadium; it doesn’t matter how hard he gets hit he seems to be alright with that.   In the first ODI against Zimbabwe captain Mash wasn’t hundred percent fit for playing; he recently got back from the hospital due to the Dengue fever. But that didn’t stop him for playing. He didn’t play any matches neither International nor Local after the South Africa Series in July. Then again coming back from fever and without enough practice he produced a tremendous performance in today’s match taking 2 crucial wickets with an economy rate of 2.16. He also entered into the 200 wickets club after dismissing Sikandar Raza.   Before the series Mash looked a little bit worried about his fitness but so far he has done a great job for the team; he emphasized on his running and speed saying after the injury back in 2009 he suffered a lot which led him reducing the bowling speed and also his weight. He had 6 surgeries in both legs and had to take injections on a regular basis just to reduce the pain. Despite of this entire situation, he didn’t leave the cricket, he still wants to fight, fight for the team, for the nation.   Masrafe played his last test in 2009 against West Indies; that time he was the captain of Bangladesh team both in ODI and test. But while bowling in the first match Masrafe faced a severe injury that led him towards surgeries. The fans really hope he will return to the test format but right now it’s too much to ask or else we will lose what we are getting from him right now. Masrafe himself is not sure about his comeback in the test formats. He still wants to carry on playing ODIs; Bangladesh is doing great under his brilliant captaincy, everyone will want this situation to remain the same in the future too. Every cloud has a silver lining, and right now Masrafe can look back and say thanks to those bitter memories that made him today’s Mash; a brilliant leader and a successful Captain.  

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